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Above the Treeline | Introduction
Ep 1 | Can You Lose Your Salvation?
Ep 2 | How Should Christians Respond to the Nashville Shootings?
Ep 3 | Why Does a Good God Allow Pain & Suffering?
Ep 4 | Should Christians Reject New Age Practices?
Ep 5 | Are We Saved by Faith or Works? Or Both?
Ep 6 | What/who are the Nephilim?
Ep 7 | Does God Predestine Certain People to go to Heaven?
Ep 8 | Should Christians Own Guns?
Ep 9 | Should Christians Support the Death Penalty?
Ep 10 | When is it OK for Christians to Get Divorced or Remarried?
Ep 11 | How Old is the Earth?
Ep 12 | Which Old Testament Laws are Still Applicable Today?
Ep 13 | How Do You Hear From God?
Ep 14 | Should Women Serve in Leadership Roles in the Church?
Ep 15 | Why Did God Create Satan?
Ep 16 | Should Christians Take Anti-Depressants?
Ep 17 | Do the "Miracle Gifts" of Tongues and Healing Still Exist?
Ep 18 | How Do People Get to Heaven if they Never Hear the Gospel?
Ep 19 | Is it Beneficial for Christians to Read the Apocrypha or Gnostic Gospels?
Ep 20 | Where was Jesus in the Three Days After He Died?
Ep 21 | Forgiveness, Part 1: Are All Sins Forgiven, Including Unconfessed & Repeated Sin?
Ep 22 | Forgiveness, Pt 2: Should Christians Offer Forgiveness, Even to People who aren't Sorry?
Ep 23 | Does Everyone Have to be Baptized & When Should that Happen?
Ep 24 | Do Christians Have to Attend Church?
Ep 25 | What are "Treasures in Heaven" & How do we Store Them Up?
Ep 26 | In Marriage, Does the Husband have to be the Leader?
Ep 27 | Why Are There So Many Different Forms & Styles of Worship?
Ep 28 | Does Prayer Really Work & Why Doesn’t God Answer All Prayers?
Ep 29 | Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?
Ep 30 | Should Christians Drink Alcohol?
Ep 31 | How Do We Know that the Bible is Trustworthy?
Ep 32 | What is the Rapture & When Will it Happen?
Ep 33 | Are Jewish People Still God's Chosen People?
Ep 34 | Should Christians Attend Gay Weddings?
Ep 35 | What are False Prophets & How are they Identified?
Ep 36 | Are Near-Death Experiences Real?
Ep 37 | Do Christians Have to Like Everyone?
Ep 38 | What is a Prayer Language & Does Everyone Have One?
Ep 39 | Do Humans Become Angels & Do They Interact with Us?
Ep 40 | My Story: Pursuing Hope After Loss
Ep 41 | Questions From a 19-year-Old Christian
Ep 42 | What Differentiates Christian Denominations from other Monotheistic Faiths like Mormonism?
Ep 43 | Is it OK for Christians to Invest in Personal Beauty or is that Considered Vanity?
Ep 44 | Does Everyone Have Spiritual Gifts?
Ep 45 | How Should Single Christians Approach Dating?
Ep 46 | How Important Should Environmental Issues be to Christians?
Ep 47 | What is the Prosperity Gospel and Should Churches Teach it?
Ep 48 | Is Tithing an Old Testament Concept & Do we have to Abide by it Today?
Ep 49 | Should Christians Use Medicinal Marijuana?
Ep 50 | What’s the Rush?
Ep 51 | Are Personal Boundaries Biblical?
Ep 52 | What Does Healthy Grieving Look Like?
Ep 53 | Is There Proof that Christ's Resurrection Actually Happened?
Ep 54 | Do Our Prayers Change God's Will?
Ep 55 | What’s Wrong with People-Pleasing?
Ep 56 | Did Adam and Eve Really Populate the Whole World?
Ep 57 | Why Do We Experience Shame & How Can We Overcome it?
Ep 58 | My Story: Finding Faith After Loss...
Ep 59 | Should Christians Listen to Secular Music?
Ep 60 | My Story: Finding Faith After Loss: Part 2
Ep 61 | Why is Anti-Semitism so Prevalent & How Should Christians Respond?
Ep 62 | Is iT OK for Christians to live together before marriage?
Ep 63 | Time to Talk About Addiction
Ep 64 | How Should Christians Respond to Gay Pride Month?

Got questions about God, Christianity, faith & culture? Above the Treeline is dedicated to tackling these tough issues through the lens of Scripture led by ACF Pastors Will Davis, Jr. & Lauren Thurston. Join us weekly as we answer one of your questions & wrestle with challenging & seemingly conflicting passages in the Bible. Want to submit a question? Fill out the form below.

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