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In 2013 the Green Church Movement began in Onaville, Haiti with the work of Pastor Noel Gespere. The community of Onaville is a community on the outskirts of the capital city of Port-Au-Prince, which grew from 1,500 people to over 70,000 people after the 2010 earthquake in the capital city of Port Au Prince. The community grew as a direct result of people being displaced by the natural disaster. It’s a dry, arid area with little to no resources and people living in constant poverty. Pastor Noel felt clearly called by God to start a church in Onaville and minister to the people living there. In December of 2013 the first Green Church in Onaville was established. Since then, five more Green Churches have been planted with more on the way.
Beyond the church communities being planted and the Gospel being shared in Onaville, there are multiple physical needs of the community which the Green Church Movement is helping to meet. One of these is through providing water, which was not accessible in Onaville before, to the community through water distribution centers which have distributed over 2 million gallons of water since the beginning of the program. There is also a micro-enterprise program that has given resources to over 130 women to make income to support their families. Pastor Noel has also trained over 60 pastors who have gone through his theological school.
New programs are also beginning in the Green Church Movement which include a food depot, a trade school, an elementary school, and more church plants to come. As the community of pastors who lead this network of churches grows, their consistent request for prayer is that the presence of God would be felt in their community and that God would transform Onaville into a community that loves Him. They know that Jesus gives life abundant to those who follow Him and they want to see their community living in that life with Christ at the center.
As a partner, ACF has committed to walk alongside the Green Church in their work to share the hope and light of the Gospel in their community. ACF has been sending short term teams to Onaville since 2013 and has supported the work of the Green Churches financially and through prayer. ACF’s mission to enable the seeker of purpose, meaning, and truth to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ is also being lived out in the work of the Green Church Movement. As a direct result of the presence and work of the Green Church Movement, seekers in Onaville are coming to know, love, and serve Jesus.

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