Welcome to our study of John! My desire in writing this is simple. I want to see us, as a church, come to know more of Jesus Christ. I believe this happens best when we spend  time with Him, time in His Word, and time discussing what we have read together, working out how we can apply it to our lives. Let’s dive in! ~ Thom Fulmer

Reach out to a small group leader and join a group for this study! Have questions? Contact Karen Nabers

Julie and Hugh Addington
Couples group- 40s & 50s
Sundays at noon
Contact Julie

Leigh and Dan Haines 
Couples group: 30s & 40s
Sunday Evenings
Contact Leigh

Shannon and Mark Harmon
Couples group: 40s & 50s
Tuesday Evenings
Contact Mark

Melissa and Ryan Perry
Couples group: 40s & 50s
Time/Day:  TBD
Contact Melissa

Beth and Dave Yanke
Couples group: 50s
Thursday Evenings
Contact Beth

Deanna and Ken Ziegler
Family group: 30s
Sundays at 4:30pm 
Contact Ken

Abby and Jay Lea
Early 20's and Recent Grads
Sunday Evenings
Contact Abby

Katie and John Johnson
20-somethings & Post Grads
Thursday Evenings
Contact Katie


Check out the view (color) and print (b/w) versions of each week's study linked below.

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John Week 6 View Print

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John Week 9 View Print

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