Let’s Do Something

Let’s help our homeless neighbors in the Austin Area.

Resiliency Kits are needed to provide for the basic needs of the homeless. ACF is partnering with The Other Ones Foundation, a local non-profit foundation that helps the homeless in the Camp Esperanza (Hope) Community here in Austin, to provide these kits. Read below for specific needs and then bring your donations to ACF on March 14th.


On March 14th, bring donations for the Resiliency Kits to ACF before the 9:30 & 11:15am services. ACFkids will assemble a portion of the kits during services. Adults/kids can stay after the 11:15am service to assemble the complete Resiliency Kits on the ACF Patio. Masks and social distancing required during kit assembly.

What to bring on March 14th:
Different age groups are asked to bring different items. 
Kids: ponchos & flashlights; Adults/Teens: sleeping bags & bins (see links below)
Hygiene packs & tents will be provided by ACFkids & ACFmissions.

Completed Resiliency Kits will include:

  • Ponchos 
  • Flashlights
  • Sleeping Bags* – new, rated to 30 degrees or lower; example in link below
  • Bins* – new, 35 gallon, high-impact polypropylene bin with lid
    Order from Amazon: sleeping bags | bin $49.41 or 4-pack of bins $84.99 (great for groups!)
  • Hygiene Packs
  • Tents