Our walk with God is not meant to be traveled alone. 

ACFgroups provide opportunities for you and others like you to know God better while we walk together in meaningful relationships in our community. 

We are your friends and neighbors sharing Christ’s love, providing encouragement and hope, accountability, friendship, and prayer.

Experience life together in ACFgroups. ACF | laketravis has a number of thriving small groups in and around the community just for you.  Join us – and let’s journey together!  



Find a group.


We know finding a group can at times be a daunting process. So ACFgroups offers four great ways to find the group that’s right for you. 

Person to Person – Joining a small group is starting a conversation with friends. Have the conversation with people already in a group or come see us at our small group table in the event center before and after services. 

Connect Form – Sometimes joining a small group is providing the right information to help us match you with the right group. Complete our connect form to share your particulars. 

Group Connect – Joining a group is easier at times when you are not the only person trying to start the conversation. Email Chris Tapken, and receive information for our next Group Connect event to join others starting the conversation. 

Search for Groups – Jumping into a group is easier when you know what’s out there. Check our database to see where and when established groups are meeting in your area.