General Questions

Our website is filled with a lot of great information about our people, our purpose, our ministries, and more. Here you'll find additional information about a variety of topics!


Q. Do you observe communion at ACF?

A: Communion is an important part of our worship at Austin Christian Fellowship. In Communion we take time to remember God’s story. It’s a declaration and celebration of the finished work of Christ - an act of worship meant to be observed often throughout the life of a Christian - remembering and reflecting on what Christ accomplished on our behalf. Communion is also a time for examining our own lives – a time for authenticity, confession and repentance – and a time of gratitude toward God for his perfect love as displayed through Jesus. During communion we take the bread which represents the body of Christ, and the wine which represents His blood. In doing this we participate in his life, death, and resurrection. All who have trusted Christ and professed him as savior are invited to the table, as it is a sacrament for those identifying themselves with Christ.


Q. Are the facilities at ACF | fourpoints available for meetings or special events?

A: To check availability of facilities for meetings and special events, please contact Joni.


Q. I'm getting married. Do you have pastors that officiate weddings?

A: Some of our pastors do officiate weddings when their schedules allow. They would be excited to partner with you and help provide the tools necessary for a God-centered and honoring marriage. Premarital counseling is required. 

For more information and to check availability, please contact
Brandy Barr for ACF | fourpoints
Jason Gordon for ACF | brushycreek
Joni Kendrick for ACF | laketravis

Q. I've lost a loved one. Does ACF | fourpoints host funerals??

A: When facilities are available, ACF does host funerals. For more information, please contact Joni.

ACF also recommends GriefShare, a ministry that provides support groups for those grieving the death of someone close, regardless of when the loss occurred.