Hope: Looking Beyond What We Can See

With the naked eye, Onaville, Haiti looks like a desolate, hopeless place. Thousands upon thousands are living in a dry land in metal or plywood shacks. Water is in short supply. The supply of jobs for the community is even shorter.

haiti 1


But given eyes clothed with faith, Onaville is rich; full of resources and overflowing with hope.


We were privileged on our mission trip in June to spend some time teaching about Leadership to 7 young new leaders, who would be leading a kids camp the following week. Pastor Noel of Mission Discovery, our partner on the ground, wanted us to spend some time encouraging them in their new roles.


We grabbed a few great leaders from our team and each shared with them about how Jesus led, about what it looks like to be an honorable leader with good character, and about the gift of praying for one another and for those they lead.

haiti 2


The young leaders were attentive and followed up with great questions, truly seeking wisdom on this new leadership role they were taking on. They were excited to take what they learned and put it into practice with the kids the next week. Before leaving, we prayed over and encouraged these new leaders. It was now up to them to take what they learned and lead well.

haiti 3

In the week that followed, we were so excited to hear that at summer camp on July 7th, four children came to Christ, through the leadership of those 7 young leaders! We are so proud of our new friends and praise God for those who came to believe last week!

Onaville, Haiti is rich.

God is there and his kingdom is growing and that is enough to make even the poorest of the poor, rich beyond their wildest imagination.


If you would like to serve in Haiti, or have questions about International Missions trips, please contact Heather Stelling.