Stewarding Your Money

At ACF, we believe giving financially is a way we worship God - just like singing in church or caring for others. We invest a significant portion of our church's financial resources in life-changing ministries locally, nationally and globally. You can read more about ACF's vision for giving in our Our Vision and Values section.

We believe that when we give faithfully, lives are transformed.

There are powerful stories from the mission fields in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uganda, and Haiti. And if you are part of our ACF family, you’ve likely been been personally impacted as you join others for worship and teaching, watch your children thrive at ACFkids and through the ministry of ACFstudents, and grow in your relationship with Jesus in ACFgroups and discipleship groups.

And the fruit of faithful giving goes even farther.

Giving financially does so much more than pay the electric bill here at ACF. Through tithes and offerings, our ACF family helps meet needs and disciple others to better know, love, and serve Jesus Christ. And here in Austin, families are being fed and children are receiving clothing and school supplies. The sick are receiving care. The discarded are being adopted into families. Simple things easily taken for granted, like running water and electricity, are being provided to families struggling to survive. 

If you are part of the ACF family and give faithfully, thank you. If you don’t currently give, please pray and ask God to help you get started. You will never be sorry you did. Click here to see the different ways to give. 

ACF honors the spirit of your corporation’s matched funds policy. If you have questions regarding ACF's policy, email Stephanie Schmidt or call her at the main office 512-381-5717.

ACF engages in faith-based budgeting. We prayerfully plan our ministry vision and budget our resources based on what we believe God is calling us to do, not just on what we think we can afford or accomplish on our own. In 2020, we will give generously to our local communities, and local, national and international ministry partners.