More about Baptism

What is Baptism?

  • If you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior, then you are ready to be baptized.
  • Baptism is your chance to show others that you have trusted Christ and are now following Him. It's a chance to celebrate this decision.
  • It is a picture for people to see what happened when you became a Christ follower. When you go under the water, it is a picture of being dead. Before we have Jesus, our lives (or souls) are dead. When you come up out of the water, it is a picture of being raised to life. When you become a Christ follower, God forgives you and gives you a brand new life.(See Romans 6:4)
  • Baptism is also a reminder of how Jesus died and was raised to life 3 days later for us.
  • Baptism does not make you a Christ follower. It is a celebration of what has already happened in your life.

Infant Baptism: At Austin Christian Fellowship, we wait until children are old enough to believe and choose to accept Jesus' forgiveness and become a Christ follower before we baptize them. The Bible indicates that children are under God's grace until they are fully old enough to understand the choice they are making.

Child Dedication: At ACF, we believe in the impact and beauty of dedicating babies and young children to God through a prayerfully planned event. We encourage these to be done in homes in the company of friends and family, a group where at least some will lovingly hold the parents accountable to the commitments they make during the dedication. We believe baby/child dedications are a great way for parents to communicate to others their desire to raise their child in an atmosphere that encourages them to choose to follow Christ themselves.

Email Dana Roraback to receive a suggestion sheet on planning your Baby Dedication.

Why should I be baptized?

  • Jesus set an example for us and was baptized himself. (Matthew 3:13-17)
  • Jesus asked every Christ follower to be baptized. (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • Baptism shows others that you have become a Christ follower and will now follow Christ all of your life. (Matthew 10:32)

What method of baptism does ACF use?
We baptize by full immersion (dunking under the water) because we believe that Jesus and the early church modeled this practice. 

Can my family be baptized together?
Yes. If each family member understands the meaning of baptism, and each one has personally placed his/her trust in Christ for salvation, we encourage families to be baptized at the same time.

Do I have to be baptized by an ACF pastor?
No. We believe in the "priesthood" of every believer, that is, that any believer in right relationship with God can administer the sacrament of baptism. You are welcome to choose who will baptize you. It might be a particular pastor, a small group leader, or a parent. If you do not request a particular person, or the requested individual is not available, the presiding ACF pastor at the baptism will baptize you.

Who should be at my baptism?
We like to include in our baptisms any individuals who have helped you in your faith. Your hero could be a parent or grandparent, a close friend, a small group, or just about anyone else who has helped you come to faith in Christ. Invite your hero or heroes to stand with you in the water at your baptism.

What should I wear when I am baptized?
Please dress modestly. We will provide a dark t-shirt for everyone. Girls should wear shorts, over a swimsuit. Guys should wear a swimsuit. Bring a change of clothes, appropriate shoes, a towel, and a plastic bag for wet clothes.

Will I have to say anything?
Yes - one sentence (or more). The person baptizing you will introduce you and ask you , "Why are you being baptized?" and "Do you confess Jesus Christ as your Lord?" After you answer, the person will immerse you in the water.