We are so excited about Spring Retreat 2020!

This year we are putting a different twist to our weekend. We’ll have host homes for students to stay in and then we will be bussing students to and from the One World Theater for worship and teaching. This will be an incredible weekend your student will not want to miss.

Friday, February 28th – March 1st
Meet at ACF at 6pm for check in. (Please eat dinner before arriving)
Parents can pick up at the ACFstudents building after the Sunday service.

Topics for the weekend:
Love is love, or is it?
Do good people go to heaven? 
How is God good when there is so much evil in the world?
How could a book written over 1,000 years ago apply to my life today?

If you would like to be a host home, please contact Brandy Barr.

Packing List

  • Casual recreation clothes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sweatshirt or light jacket
  • Swimsuit (must be one piece, or a two piece with a dark shirt)
  • Sleeping bag/sheet and blanket/pillow
  • Towel/toiletries
  • Flashlight
  • Camera


Click here for the ACF Medical and Release Form