Welcome to the student ministry at Austin Christian Fellowship (6th through 12th graders)!

Our goal is to connect with your students and help them connect with Jesus. We hope to point them closer to him and help them figure out the transition of adopting faith they’ve witnessed and making it their own.

Most small groups meet Sundays, 5-6:30pm at various host homes, but a few groups meet on different nights (9th guys & 10th grade girls).

Parents/students: please email your small group leader to get the location.

6th grade girls:  Penny Arnold 
6th grade guys:  Spencer Engelke

7th grade guys:  Timothy Ramsey 
7th grade girls:  Katie Robbins

8th grade girls:  Christina Sujure 
8th grade guys:  Josiah Davis 

9th grade guys:  Spencer Engelke 
9th & 10th grade girls:  Katherine Isaac
10th grade guys:  Mitchell Craddock 

11th & 12th grade guys:  James Isaac
11th grade girls:  Katie Robbins
12th grade girls:  Brandy Barr

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