When you visit ACFkids Camp Fun for the first time, you will be asked to fill out a Family Information Form for your family. If you'd like, you may complete the form in advance to save a little time when you get here. Either fill it out online (if it's not the weekend yet) or print one and bring it with you. This information will be entered into our computers and kept private. You will receive nametags for your children and Security ID receipts for you to use to pick your children up.

When you are ready to make ACF your church, let us know at the ACFkids Camp Fun check-in desk and we will add you to our regular attendees.

Please note that you must have your Security ID receipt to pick up your children. Each receipt has a random code listed for your family and Camp Fun volunteers will check those codes to ensure that your children are only picked up by you.

ACFkids Camp Fun completes screening forms & criminal background checks on all individuals working with our kids.