Infant Baptism & Dedication

Infant Baptism: At Austin Christian Fellowship, we wait until children are old enough to believe and choose to accept Jesus' forgiveness and become a Christ follower before we baptize them.  The Bible indicates that children are under God's grace until they are fully old enough to understand the choice they are making. 

Child Dedication: At ACF, we believe in the impact and beauty of dedicating babies and young children to God through a prayerfully planned event.  We encourage these to be done in homes in the company of friends and family, a group where at least some will lovingly hold the parents accountable to the commitments they make during the dedication. We believe baby/child dedications are a great way for parents to communicate to others their desire to raise their child in an atmosphere that encourages them to choose to follow Christ themselves.

Email Dana Roraback to receive a suggestion sheet on planning your Baby Dedication.