Date Night

We’re so glad you’re participating in ACF Date Night!
See below for great date night ideas.
Childcare RSVP is closed for Date Night

Things to Do - Here are some fun ideas from our last date night. Check back for new ideas for our December Date Night.

Branch out from the norm and try a new adventure together! Here are some ideas

  1. Identify someone God has placed in your paths who may need encouragement this Christmas and quest for a meaningful gift to give.
  2. Catch a movie without leaving your car at the Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In.
  3. Play a game of “Google Roulette.” Plug random words into a search engine and pick an activity from the results.
  4. Wander a bookstore and tell your spouse which fictional character you would be if given the opportunity.
  5. Build a fire in the back yard and roast s’mores together.
  6. Choose from over 20 other past date night ideas here!

Document your adventure with a selfie post: #acfdatenight


Make it Fun! 

Have fun talking together (works best with our phones safely tucked away). Here are some questions to ask each other:

Below is a compilation of our Top Date Night Discussion Questions from 2017 you can use or choose instead to tackle the How Well Do I know My Spouse Quiz which is packed with great content!

  1. Where has God shown up in the last year?
  2. What is one thing you want for your marriage in 5, 10, 20 years?
  3. What can I do that best says “I love you?”
  4. What qualities do you admire in your parents? If you had to choose just one of their characteristics, which would you hope to pass down to your own children?


  1. Swap stories of best/worst dates ever
  2. Right now I need prayer for…
  3. What is one thing new you want to try this winter?
  4. List 3 things on your bucket list


Date Night Childcare

Childcare RSVP is closed for this Date Night

Contact Dana Roraback with any questions.