Christ demonstrated his love for us in such a way that we cannot help but love others. By serving those around us and partnering with other churches and ministries, we are deeply invested in the lives of others. That investment is in time, talent, and treasure – 50% of ACF’s overall church budget goes directly to help meet needs in our city and around the world. Together, you and ACFmissions are the hands and feet of Jesus. 


Apply here for these three trips via their specific links.

March 1-8 Nicaragua Women’s Conference Apply
March 11-18 Nicaragua Family/Special Needs #1 Apply
April 18-24 Nicaragua Men’s Conference Apply

All other trips, apply via the Apply for a Mission Trip button above.

May 13-18 Wind River Ranch
June 3-7 Mission Waco Round Rock Students

June 10-14 Mission Waco Four Points Students (Middle School)
June 10-15 GUM Brushy Creek Students
June 18-21 GUM Four Points Students (High School)  


March 10-17 Haiti Four Points Students
April 18-24 Nicaragua Medical
June 23-30 Nicaragua/Guatemala Four Points Students
June 30-July 7 Guatemala Family #1
July 3-10 Haiti Father/Son – Brushy Creek, Northwest, Lake Travis
July 7-14 Nicaragua Family
July 10-17 Uganda Northwest Students
July 13-20 Haiti Family
July 13-20 Nicaragua College Students
July 14-21 Guatemala Family #2
July 18-31 Uganda Women’s Conference
July 28-Aug 4 Nicaragua Family/Special Needs #2
Oct 3-9 Guatemala Women’s Conference
TBD India Adults
Nov 1-8 Nicaragua Men’s Conference Fall
Nov 29-Dec 5 Nicaragua Camp Fun