Date Night

We’re so glad you’re participating in ACF Date Night! 

Things to Do

  1. Grab some picnic items and head to Mt. Bonnell or one of these other scenic locations to catch an amazing sunset 
  2. Embrace the weird shoes and tear up the lanes at a local bowling alley
  3. Get cozy at a funky coffee shop downtown and take this How Well Do I Know My Spouse Quiz together. Give yourselves 5 million points for every correct answer!
  4. Set out on a Selfie Scavenger Hunt Adventure
  5. Order in and watch your wedding video. Break out some candles and name one thing about your marriage you’re thankful for as you light each one.
  6. Click here for other great ideas from last Date Night

Document your adventure with a selfie post: #acfdatenight


Make it Fun! 

Have fun talking together (works best with our phones safely tucked away). Here are some questions to ask each other:


  1. Try to remember one special memory from each year you have been married
  2. What were you thinking when you were getting ready for your first date together?
  3. What is one thing you want for your marriage in 5, 10, 20 years?
  4. Whose marriage do you admire and why?


  1. What is the best trick or prank anyone has played on you or you played on someone else?
  2. Right now I need prayer for…
  3. Share Worst/Best for the following categories: 
    • Places to Live • Day • Meal • Vacation • Movie
  4. What is one thing new you want to try this summer?


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